Both rear hubs and vearing assemblies need reapir? on 1999 Toyota Corolla

I know pretty little about cars inlcuding my 1999 corrolla. Just took it to a toyota dealer who gave me an estimate worth more than the car's market value at this time (maybe)!!

It has 120K miles.

They say it needs this:

1) front brake pads and rotors resurfacing
2) both rear hub and bearing assembies,
3)broken lug on right rear
4) front pipe gasket and manifold leaking need gasket replaced.
5)battery hold down assembly
6)Timing chain cover with chain and tensioner ($900 for this item!)
7)clean/adjust rear brakes
8)coolant flush
9)brake fluid flush

I have no idea what most of this is. Shame on me, I have never learned. I feel someone is trying to get my pockets empty.

What of these things are most important? Car seems to run OK, but I am no expert at hearing noises in cars that mean repairs.

Thanks so so much for everyone's help!


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Isabel, it's impossible to say what your car needs without seeing it, but if you are not comfortable, get a second opinion. Try this shop:

And tell them you found them on RepairPal. Your car does have a lot of miles on it, and as it gets older, it will likely need some major services to keep it running safely and well for you.