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1998 Ford Mustang Question: Both mile counters have stopped working



mandyr, Destrehan, LA, August 25, 2009, 20:54

Both mile counters have stopped working (115,000 miles) although the dial speedometer continues to function. I thought it might be a fuse since they stopped suddenly, but I cant determine which of the 5 x 10 amp fuses under the steering column is in line with the mile counters. Can you help please, and do you think this is the likely problem ?

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    August 26, 2009, 02:20

    The "mile counters" are ODOMETERS. The "dial speedometer" is your MILES PER HOUR.

    Vehicle Application: 2000 Ford Mustang 3.8L 2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L, Vin 4

    Customer Concern: The Antilock Brake System (ABS) light is on, there is no speedometer operation and the odometer shows "-----" on its display. The ABS module will not communicate with the scan tool, though other vehicle modules will. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is setting codes U1039, P1502 and P0500. Tried another scan tool, still will not communicate.
    Tests/Procedures: 1. Disconnect the ABS module and inspect the connector for signs of moisture.

    2. Disconnect the brake pressure switch on the master cylinder and look for signs of brake fluid leaking through the switch. Replace the switch if necessary.

    3. Check for adequate power at the ABS module on pins 9 Light Blue/Pink (LB/PK) and 25 Yellow/Light Green (YE/LG). Instead of using a test light or a voltmeter, load the circuit with a headlamp bulb to verify that both circuits can handle a load.

    4. Perform the same load test on pin 23 Red/Black (RD/BK).

    5. Perform a voltage drop test on the ABS module grounds at pins 8 and 24 Black (BK).

    6. Verify that both Standard Corporate Protocol (SCP) communication wires at pins 17 Tan/Orange (TN/OG) and pin 15 Pink/Light Blue (PK/LB) have good continuity to the Data Link Connector (DLC).

    7. If the power and grounds test out OK and the SCP wires are good, replace the ABS module and retest.
    Potential Causes: Antilock Brake System (ABS) Control Module
    Brake Pressure Switch
    Speed Control Servo

    Tech Tips: A brake pressure switch that leaks internally will allow brake fluid to wick down through the circuit into the connection of the speed control servo and ABS module, resulting in damage of both of the electronic components. Replacement of the ABS module requires the use of the Ford scan tool for a programming function.
    Diagnostic Codes: P0500, P1502, U1039

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    backyard tech, August 26, 2009, 02:22

    Is your check engine light on?

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