Both batteries disconnected for 90 days on 2008 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

Need help. My car was placed in storage and both batteries disconnected.

I anticipate both batteries to be dead.

Can someone provide instructions on best way to go forward / will these batteries be salvageable to recharge or should I replace ... are they under warranty.

Will the dealership warranty the battery?
What will be the fault codes ... again I anticipate the car will have to be reset by the dealership.

When I travel for over 90 days in the future ... what is the best method to store the car???

thanks for the help!!!!

1 answer
The batteries are so new, it may be that they are okay. I'd reconnect and give it a shot--won't hurt anything, and if it does get them started, then you can jump the car. I have no idea how the dealer would treat this . . . I would ask them for help, and see what they tell you. They may cover it under warranty.

In the future, what you need is a battery tender, which is designed for keeping batteries healthy on collector cars that are driven infrequently.