Window Won't Roll Due to Loose Regulator Mounting Bolts on Toyota Corolla

The bolts attaching the front door window glass to the window regulator may come loose. This can cause the window regulator to become damaged and possibly causing the window glass to break. Some 2003 & 2004 models have been recalled for the issue.

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Average mileage: 112,368 (50,000–200,000)
7 model years affected: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2007, 2010, 2013
32 people reported this problem
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2005 Toyota Corolla 80,000 mi,
Went to roll down my window and the glass fell all the way to the bottom. Took door panel off and the plastic clip that holds the glass was broken and the regulator bar was bent. Not sure how much this is going to cost to fix.
2003 Toyota Corolla 188,000 mi,
Power window works but window doesn't go all the way up properly
2005 Toyota Corolla 91,000 mi,
2006 Corolla has a rattle in the front passenger door. When I roll down the window the rattle stops. When I roll the window back up, it seems ok for a while until it starts rattling again at a later time.
2005 Toyota Corolla 110,000 mi,
window glass falls forward when rolling down glass
2005 Toyota Corolla 125,000 mi,
Drivers window fell out of track and cannot be raised or lowered properly.
Window does not roll up without help. May leave gap. Roll down, push window back in line,roll back up while applying pressure to hold in place.
2003 Toyota Corolla 145,000 mi,
They had fixed mine but not even a month later it started up again
2005 Toyota Corolla 140,000 mi,
front passenger side window off track, rolled up and down but when roll down not uniform tilted and stuck.
Driver side window shattered while trying to close. Problem has been reported. Will toyota replace / repair? This has been a reoccurring problem with this window on other cars!
Recall of the bolts were fixed back in 2010. The window hadn't been the same since. I don't roll the window down much but when I do it sticks. Now it can't be rolled down due to the bolts coming loose and regulator now bent. Not able to roll window all the way up and it comes forward. This is due to the recall which wasn't properly fixed. Toyota doesn't want to fix it and charge me $455.00. Are you kidding me?? Really ?? I am trying to get this fixed because a recall shouldn't have to be repaired especially after the window was working fine before the recall!!
I've had the window replaced twice because of this. The second time, the window cracked and exploded, sending broken glass in on me. Never received a recall about this. The third window makes the same sound as the first two. This explosion is a problem waiting to happen. Will Toyota cover this??
2005 Toyota Corolla 95,000 mi,
05 Toyota Corolla passenger side window off fell off track and it bent the arms
1999 Toyota Corolla 118,000 mi,
It's not fixed, not sure what to do. Going to be costly and I live on a fixed income. One day recently, was driving the car and hit the button to roll down the front passenger window and the window basically came out of the track/trough. So got a friend to hold it up while I hit button again to roll window back up and now I can't use the window, VERY FRUSTRATING! Is this a recall issue yet and can I get it fixed for free or a very limited amount.
Just happened to our son's 2005 corolla. Pappas toyota estimated approx $800 dollars. The cheap plastic clips that hold the window onto the regulator broke, and requires a new glass panel with new clips ($180 for the part new, $150 for used). The regulator was crap..local mechanic fixing for $580....Toyota needs to add 2005 to recall! ours has only 50,000 miles!
2004 Toyota Corolla 140,000 mi,
I suspect this is what is going on with my Corolla. When I roll down the driver's power window, something binds and the window stops three quarters into the operation. The door panel even bulges as you can hear the motor working to resolve the issue then with a 'Pop!' it works past the apparent obstruction and the window falls home with a bang. I really should get that looked at.
It is riduculous! The brackets that hold the window up or some sort of cheap plastic. The window has fallen into the door and try finding someone who works on this....we actually have taken the door apart in an effort to fix it ourselves to no avail..thanks Toyota for the junk we have to live with everyday!
went to roll down my front drivers side window and it fell into the door shaft. took it to a toyota dealership... $500 to replace to window regulator that was bent due to the window falling.