Body Control Module on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Okay, so i have a 2001 sunfire, 2.2L engine...and all of a sudden none of my gages are working, and my radio will come on and then shut off. :S it has its moments where my gages decided to work, but then the next time i get in my car it wont work. Also my radio will come on now, but will not shut off. I have to take the face plate off for it to stop. A friend says its sounds like the body control module, because the car wont even start anymore and the security light, engine light, and a few others are coming on. Any ideas?

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It could be your Instrument Cluster Computer which also acts like a BCM or body control module. The Instrument Cluster Computer acts as a data bus connector for the rest of the computers on the vehicle. If you can, have someone connect a scan tool to see what codes are stored in the various computers. See if there are Instrument Cluster or Instrument Panel codes and/or BCM codes. Also see if there are data bus error codes and if so, which ones. Once we know this we can go to the next step.
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Big electrical problems like this are pretty often due to a "module" failing. A module is just any one of the several computers in your car that control everything from the radio to the transmission. Since the car won't start anymore, you probably have a significant failure somewhere in your electrical system. These can be hard to diagnose, so the best thing to do is find a good technician at a good shop who knows GM cars.