body control module on 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

i was told i needed to remove the body control module. can someone give me instruction or is there a link that shows what it looks like i know its on the drivers side. under the dash on the firewall or side. but I want to do it right.

The Body Control Module (BCM) is located on the bulkhead left side, underneath the instrument panel, to the left of the steering column.
NOTE: If the BCM is replaced, it must be programmed using a scan tool and DealerCONNECT®.
1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2. Remove the lower instrument panel silencer.
3. Remove the knee blocker airbag
4. Disconnect the 72-way bulkhead connector from the Body Control Module (BCM) (4) mounting assembly.
5. Move bulkhead wiring aside.
6. Disconnect the five wire connectors from the BCM .
7. Remove the four screws (2) holding the BCM to the bulkhead.
8. Remove the BCM from the mounting bracket.

Had a girl at the local stealership tell me mine needed replaced. When I inquired as to what it was, she couldn't say anything but "it controls all the stuff"....hmmm