1990 Mazda B2600 Q&A

1990 Mazda B2600 Question: body cavity

We've had a >lot< of rain lately and some of it has seeped into a hollow part of the truck body somewhere behind the cab. It is several gallons by the sound of the sloshing. Has anyone else ever had this happen? How can I release this water? -
Answer 1
I would drill a hole in the body to remove the water, then install a rubber plug to seal the hole. However, know where to drill is something best left to a professional, and I would go to a body shop and ask them. -
Answer 2
I have a 1991 B2200 and when it rains I get that same gallons of water sloshing sound behind or under me when I drive also. I find it to be very humorous and do not want to fix it... -
Comment 1
BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! ME TOO!!! LOL!! And I thought I might have been just a little CRAZY!!! -
Answer 3
I had the same problem. There are numerous drain plugs on the underside near the doors and back of the cab. Pull the rubber plug out and the water will drain. I left the plug out because I still haven't figured out where the water was getting in and I don't want it to rust inside. -
Answer 4
the water is coming in around the right side rear windoor, i drill a small hole under the extend panel and the water drain out without any problem, you can always have your side windoor sealed -