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BMW 745i (9 Reviews)
When I first bought this car I said to myself ok am going to keep it well maintained and take care of it no matter the cost. I got the car knowing the maintenance was going to be a little pricey. I had a friend who worked as a
BMW technician and gave me shop discounts without being taken advantage from the dealers. Little did I know it was a nightmare to take care of. Some of the minor issues was squeaking from the sunroof and dashboard,cup holders breaking apart,air conditioner giving hot air,air bag lights going out,hoses needing replacement,parking Brake light going off abs light going out constant oil leaks even though you fix them. After you fix any of those problems then the regular maintenance is due oil,engine coolant,brakes is due. I couldn't drive it a full month without taking it to the shop. Then I had a scare it turned off on me when I was leaving work and going home. All the lights inside the car when out while driving. The car felt forced and it felt the transmission was on neutral not on drive. Then I got home safely and I couldn't park the car so I turned it off and it parked itself. Finally I sold the car as is. I would not recommend this car or any European vehicle to anyone.
Top quality car but you must maintain it. When the E65 engine was released in 2002 it was the most advanced in the business. The car is a pleasure to own but like any car things will start to go from about 70000 miles and you should sort them and don't leave them on the long finger. Worst one on this 745i engine is the alternator support bracket gasket leak. You need to do major dismantling to replace the curved gasket $1000 labour at main dealer.
Car is supremely comfortable in sport mode it will burn any 911 at the lights (try it). My car is super smooth and rides better than a 730d 2010 later model 7. Run flats on later 7 ruins the ride
i loved the car till it blew up 5 days after i bought it....engine is garbage. no good after 110,000 miles....dont let the good looks fool mercedes had 260,000 and was indestructable this car is first and my last soooo disapointed as well as out of a car and a job....thanks bmw and no buyer protection laws for consumers
I love my car never really had any major problems Just seem tempermental at times. Expensive to maintain. 80000 mils. But I can't find anything I like better .
hi am AJ talking about the 745i s woowww love the car dont get me wrong i had to put $ on my 7 when i 1st got it but seen never agin love my car and my wife loves it even more fast car love the interior never had a Electrical problems or Lights problems or Air Conditioning problems or nothing love this car
the best car there is
Great performance and handling,but very expensive to maintain.
dyramic indacator light
very nice caar just gota wrk through the idiosyncracies