BMW 330xi Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your BMW 330xi

BMW 330xi Problems

After 60,000 miles, the front outer half-shaft boots tend to tear and leak grease. In most cases, only the boot will have to be replaced; however, if it is not repaired soon enough, the half-shaft may need to be replaced. The front outer boots are put under heavy stress because of their involvement with the suspension when making turns.

Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

A fluid leak may develop from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.

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BMW 330xi Questions

can you tell me where to add transmission fluid in my 2004
bmw 330xi

I was doing some research online, and came across the recall for this model's tail light assembly. So I gave my local dealership a call, BMW of Murray. The assistant manager of the service department told me the recall item I asked about was previously replaced while my car was in the shop, ...

I just had to replace the gas filter and fuel pump.It was driving fine then suddenly it lost power would't accererate and all the lights on the dash lit up.It then stalled.I restarted it and the traction control light, brake light one other lite came on.It would then accelerate.I pulled over...

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BMW 330xi Recalls

Upon deployment the passenger airbag inflator could rupture, increasing the risk of personal injury. BMW dealers will replace the affected airbag inflator modules to correct this concern.

This limited regional recall is for vehicles currently registered or first sold in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and equipped with Takata-brand air bag inflators. Upon deployment the driver and/or passenger airbag inflator could rupture, increasing the risk of personal injury. BMW dealers will replace the affected airbag inflator modules to correct this concern.

The front passenger seat contains a mat that determines the presence and size of a seat occupant. This input to the airbag controller helps to determine if and how forcefully the passenger airbag should deploy in the event of a crash. The detection mat can develop cracks and fail. If this were to occur, the airbag would not deploy as expected, increasing the risk of personal injury. Dealers will repair the occupant detection mat to eliminate the possibility it may crack. Additionally certain vehicles will receive and extended warranty on the front passenger seat occupant detection mat.

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BMW 330xi Reviews

My Fiance and i have had sevral problims with out bmw... it drives me crazy

Shopped over 2 months for a good car, looked at G35x, Audi A4 and Mercedes C class...just when i was about to walk away from dealer, i went to test drive the 330xi. Came back to the dealers lot and was ready to sign the papers...this car is truly magnificent!! sticks to the road like glue and the steering wheel never gives you the feeling of not being in control...Your always in control!! The i...

Best car on the road. No matter how many controls and buttons lexus or audi or acura or any other "luxury" sports sedan manufacturer puts into their vehicles, nothing compares to the superb driving experience you get with a BMW 330xi. On the open road, or on a steep, windy, icy path up to the mountain, BMW's 330xi out performs any of my friends' rides.

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