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BMW 328iC Questions and Answers

Stan Kelly, 1997 BMW 328iC, Washington, DC

I Have two 12 inch cuts in my convertible top and I would like to have the top replaced inexpensively or purchase an inexpensive convertible hard top.

Mark Caufield, 1996 BMW 328iC, Garden City, ID

Will go in and lock if I turn key to start engine, but will not go back to off position. Stays in position 2 in auxillary. Could it be the tumbler housing? Will not lock in by pushing straight in ...

DKHarrison, 1997 BMW 328iC, Alameda, CA

How much should it cost me for labor and parts to replace 2 serpentine belts (air conditioner AND power steering, etc. belts). Also need to replace ac belt tension pulley, as well as on the power ...

yezmine, 1997 BMW 328iC, Tucson, AZ

car runs totally perfecthas 97000.how do i find this smal leak? and get ur done. need a smog check.only so many parts ,charcoal canister,purge valve,leak detect conrol,

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