BMW 328i xDrive Repair and Maintenance

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BMW 328i xDrive
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BMW 328i xDrive
$338 to $758
BMW 328i xDrive
$74 to $139
BMW 328i xDrive
$74 to $139
BMW 328i xDrive
$186 to $377
BMW 328i xDrive
$221 to $403

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Door ajar lights keep lighting up when doors fully closed.

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I have water on driver side mat just before the foot rest after I wash car. The dealer said that's the normal design flaw on the car. Is it a common problem. He's says it's the way I wash the car. I'm just rinsing off like any other car, I'm not power washing it.

what is the solution ?

BMW High Performance Full synthetic 5w-30.

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The side marker lights in the front of the vehicle may not turn on when using the headlamps or parking lamps. Dealers will upload revised software to correct the issue free of charge.

The fuel pump may fail due to improper nickel plating during manufacturing. This can cause the engine to stall while driving. The dealership will replace the fuel pump free of charge to correct the problem.

On certain vehicles, when extended to their highest position, the front seat head restraints exceed the allowable downward movement limit of 25mm, as determined by federal safety regulations. In the event of a crash, the head restraint may unexpectedly move down slightly if it was adjusted to the fully extended position, increasing the risk of personal injury. Dealers will attach a clamp to the front seat head restraint posts to correct this concern.


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