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  • 2000 BMW 328Ci
    , Kansas City, KS, February 19, 2015 05:34
    Rear driver side subframe cracks and the repair is 4900 dollars. They replace the subframe from the beginning of the backseat to the rearend. After the crack you can loose 1/2 in. In height On drivers rear. The problem is the car Chassis is for a 325 2.5. Engine and they install a 2.8l engine which produces more torc on three rear in. They had a class action law suit filed for all E46's. From 1999-2005 the letter went out to owners who were In the 328ci and the letter advices them too take their car into BMW. Service center to inspect and have a free repair. The settlement ended in 2009 and was open for all cars until 2010. After that it is on a case by case basis. They usually will do a percent off how long you have been a Customer. Even then it it's only. 50 percent.
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