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diamonn is 18 yrs old her odometer is 179,146, she,s had 6 prior owners,based on autochecks history report ,never been in a accident,i.ve had her for bout 3 months,her engine light just came on,and the driverside wind...
My 1996 BMW Z3 heater does not work. I can get a/c and defrost to work but not heat. Any thoughts on what could be the problem. The car does not overheat and runs fine.
Happens all the time almost every time I try 1st gear.
leaks into the trunk when it rains or during car wash.is there a seal that needs replaced?
I have a squealing and scraping noise coming from the back of my BMW Z3. What could this be?
bmw 1996 z3 owner manuals...where can I buy one? I'm not spending $100 for one either...thats crazy
I had the cam sensor replaced and was told to do a drive cycle and the codes would clear.I drove 2000 miles and they never cleared.The service light is not on,just not ready codes when they do emissions check
Engine light on sometimes,