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I don't know how to check the oil levels.
I got my ABS light on some time ago. Then everything was normal. Than it got on again. During oil change they said I need to change ABS control module - its like 2'200!
How much should I expect to pay to have a front wheel bearing replaced? If I purchase the bearing myself?
if standing in front of vehicle it on right mid engine Ive had it checked they cant find the leak and dont know what it is, it doesnt leak everyday but when is does its about 15 to 20 in. wide.
Current draw tests done twice by Dealer and BMW specialist & no problem found.If we don't plug in a charger it will drain within 1 to 3 days. Battery replaced several times. Main battery cable replaced. Secondary cool...
The right rear door will lock using the remote but will not open latch. If I manually use the inside handle the door will open.
Now- when I turn the car on, after it has been sitting, there is a rumbling noise that goes away once I put it into drive gear- then it seems fine. I am worried that there is something bad going to happen and I do no...
Hi, I got bmw x5 3.d automatic, when ever i shift gear from park to drive or reverse the car jerk and when driving it shifts gears some time soon some time takes time or some time jerk a little, i am not sure about t...
The dealership told me that it would cost $4242 to reseal with a head test. But if the cylinder head have to be replaced it will cost 6811. If they can torque it back on if not then I will need a new engine. What do ...
Recently my "BC" light came on as I was trying to set the clock on my radio. It stays on after the car is turned off. Anyone know what this is? Car: BMW X5 2003
the horn blow and stop at it will
The window is stuck in the down position. The motor can be heard making noise.. is the window out of track and can you tell me how to remove the door panel. To get to the window or is there a different problem.
Removed the fan clutch and shroud. Removed the belt tensioner pulley and the six bolts around the retaining ring that holds the alternator in the housing. Removed th electrical connections. Seems there is nothing hold...
i want to know what could cause bluish grey smoke to all of sudden come billowing out of the both exhaust pipes at the same time after riding in the car for about 3or 4 miles and 10 or so minutes of operation?