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no sound of d fan what should I look for to get heat
includes window locking, light sound system and mirror remote adjust
what is the name of the part that will adjust the wheels to proper alignment. How much should it cost to do, and what is the name of the part that needs to be adjusted. Someone says it is the Camer, but they did not...
When I am driving or stationery the steering is heavy to use
My 2001 X5 was just diagnosed with low compression in two of the cylinders meaning id either have to rebuild and fix the engine or buy a used one. Both would amount to a similar price which i cannot afford right now s...
This just started yesterday but the rear of the car seems to be getting lower to the ground. There is also some kind of fluid leak that preceded this.
I bought a used bmw x5 that I was told needed a timing replaced at the time of purchase. When I took it to the mechanic he told me I needed another engine. I bought a good used engine. mechanic called me recently and ...
My X5' didn't pass emissions. Got error codes p0171, p0174 and p0455. What are they?