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My 2001 X5 was just diagnosed with low compression in two of the cylinders meaning id either have to rebuild and fix the engine or buy a used one. Both would amount to a similar price which i cannot afford right now s...
This just started yesterday but the rear of the car seems to be getting lower to the ground. There is also some kind of fluid leak that preceded this.
I have a check engine light and have received above codes need most likely cause. Had diagnostic and smoke test, told it was repaired to fix codes p0171 and p0174 but light on again.
I bought a used bmw x5 that I was told needed a timing replaced at the time of purchase. When I took it to the mechanic he told me I needed another engine. I bought a good used engine. mechanic called me recently and ...
My X5' didn't pass emissions. Got error codes p0171, p0174 and p0455. What are they?
first thought was front crankcase seal now looks like head gasket. any help on estimated costs? how long i can avoid? worst casr in avoiding and how to tell?
I bought a reconditioned transmission using the VIN number. once the transmission bolts are tightened it seems like the torque converter is stuck or binding. The trans will not turn; not even from the fly wheel. need ...
Multiple thud sound on the first gear only specially when the road is going up. The thud could only heard on the first gear and after that no more. My mechanic said it might be the transfer case, He is charging me too...
whats it's mean when a transmission failsafe program from bmw x5 2001" i use to stop and restarted engine,and now my speed mph not workin, and i can't drop manuel no more,fransmission failsafe program keep blinking
Have too drive hwy will, reset after sitting.
battery less than 1 year old would leaving on a trickle charger help ?
price for this job on 2001 bmw x5 8cls motor
very sluggish until around 35 to 40mph and the gages never work