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what is braking/dynam response systems inoperative.parking without emerg.braking function.avoid hard braking
I have access to it after removing the two screws but now there is a plastic sleeve/cable covering the rod coming off the latch plus one more restraining bolt (?) in the center section of the latch. How to go further?
the heater pump has been replaced by the dealer. There is still no hot air coming out of the heater. They said the control valve must be stuck, and should be replaced. Do you agree, or what do you recommend?
The oil pressure light came back on after I got an oil leak repaired and fresh oil change. Why did this happen?
my wife was driving and the assiste parking light came on
How to disassemble and reassemble the door and mirror assembly?
I broke the driver side mirro housing while backing out of my garage. It is hanging by the cable. The mirror and back are not broken. The back is white. How do I remove the broken mirror assembly and replace it?
I just had alternator replaced could there be a prob there? check fuse in glove box for lighting not sure where other fuse are to check. code on dash says light sys error