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My parents are telling me what car do I want a 2004 BMW 745Li , 2008 Honda Accord, or 2005 BMW 525i. Which one should I get? Some of my friends have 745li or 745i and that car has been my dream car since I was like 10...
car has been sitting for 3 weeks in the garage before cranking and also has an oil leak from gasket on one side
My boss's car randomly shuts off while he is driving it and it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour 2 hours to start it back up again what is that
Do I use the Bimmer tube OR URO tube kit. ? Is there something else I should use.
I have an E65 745Li no problems till my alternator went bad. Now dash light won't stop blinking , it starts with stability lights . Then all other warning lights flash and transmission won't shift correctly . If you t...
My car only leaks when it's been sitting. Also, checked oil level and it's fine what could it be
2004 bmwli do you think it could be the transmission,i have been getting a transmission fail safe light,what could that be
The gear lights start flashing.. when I shut the car off and start it back up, that goes away.
they stay on after doors are closed