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Or either use my jump start box I just replace the positive cable terminal It only take like 5 sec when I get a jump from car to start alternator good battery. Good what could it be
Brakes make a squeeking noise when driving.
Interested in buying a 1999 BMW 740il for 2500 and they say it runs good with a smooth shifting transmission but has an exhaust leak somewhere. How much does that cost to get fixed if it was anywhere?
How will i be able to fix it? what do i need to fix? Any suggestions?
My driver's side exterior door handle broke off. I have a 1999 BMW 740iL and I would like to know what I should do to fix it. Can I use glue or can I weld it back on? Also, can someone tell me where I can find the par...
1999 bmw 740il,bought the car about 5 months ago. changed the oil and car is now using oil,oil leaks from under the car.runs rough until oil is put in it,seems to have a miss now..its in the shop and i was just told i...
i had the air flow meter & fuel pump replaced & car still cuts off while driving.
hi 99 740il . when starting car white -gray smoke have to put in oil 2-3 qt 2x a m.
My 1999 740il has failed timing chain guides. Do I need to replace the timing chain at the same time ? Also was wondering if I can do without disassembling engine that far ? any other warnings would be greatly appreci...
everytime i get in to my car it makes this noise by tha rear tires and at 1st i thought it was my breaks but it makes that same sound even when im in park. then i came to the conclusion that it could be my shocks tryi...
how do i change the right side light