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my parking cable doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It seems to be completely extended to its point, which has caused my car to be completely stuck in emergency park. I called a bmw dealership and they could on...
I used test light, no current to bulbs, could not locate any fuses for them in the fuse panels, what am I missing?
After a few tries or after letting it sit for a while
Check engine light came on. Said it needed a new thermostat and housing, I replaced it and cleared codes. Started it and drove it 2 miles and light came on again. Code said it needs thermostat again. What could be c...
I've just bought a bm740i rhd ..the suspension makes lots of noises over bumps.what can be damaged
recently changed the intake gaskets and did a tune up. Now its not idling smooth. Took it for a long drive and drives great and idles good at stop lights. checked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any.
No leaks anywhere. No white smoke. Engine runs great. Has 212,000 miles.
Recently purchased with 160k on it, but you can hardly see the numbers......mostly guessing
indicator lamp keeps coming on and sometimes while i am cornering tires hesitate