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And I still don't have heat. The 2 codes came up P0111/ P0116. This problem is interfering with me seeing my daughter since she lives on the other side of town, can't really afford to take it to a shop. Please help me!
Their is no power to either the wiper switch and radio
I replaced a cracked radiator and leaky expansion tank. Now I am getting "check coolant level everytime I drive for 10 to 15 miles
keeps coming back on in a couple day and I fix whatever it is that time. Can there be a short somewhere. Also, the computer screen flashes like a short to me
there was oil in boot on my #7 spark plug which is where my misfire was detected.
trying to install new rear seats and seat belts
Changed plugs, coil packs,
Shop discovered coolant leaks after valve caskets and crank case was changed last week on my car. They put in a new radiator and I just discovered it is still leaking like the one just changed. What's going on?
The problem happens all the time
Cant pull out my break light. It seems to be stuck.