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Recently replaced my alternator (about 3 weeks ago) then had a problem with my battery which probably came from the old alternator taking quite a toll on it before it finally died so i replaced it. but i am still havi...
there is a taping sound in the engine,this is just a week now, i had my oil change and is still taping, what must be the problem? car have 145k miles please help me
So when I drive and as I pull to a stop, I would say when the transmission goes down to firstit pushes forward. Its a automatic and the wierd part is when in drive, it is as smooth as can be. I do think that it may be...
i just replaced the alternator... and i was turning my ac to make sure it turn on. so when i tried the heating system, it was blowing cold air. can someone tell me if there was a sensor or something i didnt put back w...
Is changing the mass air flow sensor something that I can do myself? Are there any you tube videos or diagrams to show how?
At 55 mph the car will shake somewhat get past 60 it stops .below 50 nothing.
when i crank the car in the morning oil comes out the oil filter canister
Does the radiator have to come out to change this serpentine belt? also there is no belt diagram for this that I can find,any ideas out there? thanks 2001 bmw 740i v8
on a 2001 bmw 740 what is the average mileage until engine failure?
how much should it cost to fix a rear main seal on a bmw 740l (2001) ??
how much should it cost to fix a rear main seal on a 2001 bmw 740i ???