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changed water pump and thermostat, and the front fan does not seem to be running .
my 540i 1998 is over heating and the fan may not be working any advise, it only does this when I am sitting in the drivethur
i replaced it cleared the code and it came back and the airbag light is always on as well as the one that is a triangle with a circle around it....
trouble codes 100, 306, 1585
Key stuck in the ignition, cannot put gear in park position, is there a way to free the gears, like a override button or anything else? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. M. Jugend
it started out with the radio going off and on i would open the vanity mirror and the steering wheel would go up and down.the airbag light would come on and go off then the radio would play again.i tried to reset w th...
I have a 98 540i and the Hazard Button and Shift Position Indicator on the center console stay illuminated all the time. Is this a Relay problem, and if so where are they located? Thanks
how do I remove and replace right side fog lamp assembly?