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I took the battery out for about 2 months I charged it put it back in now it crank but don't start
i have no idea what add mixture limit reached Bank plz help.
soon as u start up clouds of smoke
and its still not driving right what could it be
i have a 1998 540i 6 speed the battery is disconnected and trunk and doors were locked and now with battery to car disconnected im unable to get n car . key wont unlock it had locksmith try to open it by pulling on do...
The check brake light indicator stays on, I have replace bulbs, but light stays on
it started out with the radio going off and on and the steering wheel would go up and down. the air bag light would come on, then go off. the horn would not work. then suddenly the radio would start to work and everyt...
Does this car have a low water shut off sensor that would make it not run if the water level got low?
Can you please help me how to replace a water pump.
Is it something I can do my self or takit to a tech
my car keeps misfiring what do I need to do?