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My window motor went out and I need to fix it. Can some one out there please tell me how to change the window motor by itself or do I have to change the regulator to.
it happens when I try to go home and eng Is warm There is fuel pressure.I have change the computers but no luck engine still just Cranks engine will start in one To four hrs. I Drive the car everyday send this on...
I recently purchased my 1995 bmw 540i with the knowledge that three of the windows were not working properly. I know how to repair the windows but I am having trouble removing the door panels to get to the guts of the...
i change all shift selenoid and still getting code 100
Hi, my passenger seat is stuck in the reclining position and when I want to bring it in to the upright position only the righthand side elevates. The whole seat then pulls scew. Any suggestions as to what the problem ...
I was driving when i hit the pavement and cracked the upper oil pan,the oil has been leaking ever since,i have removed the lower oil pan and i have removed all the screws but cant remove the upper oil pan. Please help.
My 95, 540i with 123K (new radiator and water pump) still has a mild coolant leak. I am thinking intake manifold as they are notorious with this model....any way to help me diagnose (even where the leak would be, etc...
I bought a 1995 bmw 540i from a guy that said it needed a starter. The mechanic said the starter was fine and that it would not start due to the anti theft security feature. How do I get the car started??
I can't figure out how to get the door panel off with out destroying something. How do I access the screws that hold on the door handle so I can remove the door panel?
where is the dip stick for the trans fluid
the part of the airconditional that holes the freeon has a whole in it..
the part of the airconditional that holes the freeon has a whole in it..
been out of country for 8 months..car will not start...battery was charged but moter would not rurn over
Is there a common problem with this car that causes the engine to not restart about 15 minutes after the car has reached operating temperature?
My BMW open door sounds periodically during driving when all doors are closed...the alarm does not sound when the door is ajar.....is there a way to disable the alarm