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Purchased 1 week ago. noticed white smoke on start up. saw more smoke during stop and go traffic this morning. at lunch the car would not crank but tries to turn over. added gas just in case bc the hand was showing ...
Having some weird electrical problems. The back up lights are not working. The interior panel lights (speedo) dim sometimes. The trip computer went into 24hr mode and then back.
I changed the control module and the light won't go off. The car starts but runs rough. What do I need to do.
I mistakenly put brake fluid into the power steering fluid! all the fluid leaked out. what can I do to fix it??
car will not start, can't lock doors or let windows up or down
I need instructions on how to put my seat wires back together on my 94 BMW 540i.
my car will not start, no power on fuse that operate fuel pump.
How to refill transmission fluid on a 1994 540i BMW ?
I have a 1994 BMW 540i with 161,000 miles on it. I hear a whining sound coming from the transmission mostly at acceleration and changing through the first two too three gears.shifting between gears is pretty much smoo...
I need to replace a part in my 540i steering but don't know what the part is called. I need a drawing with parts labeled.
I hear whinning sound in transmittion when excellorating. What could this be? I dont notice any lose of power or slipping. Strong excelloration, shifting good. I also have a check engine light on, it is for o2 sensor...
How do I remove the front struts?
My battery is dead. I need to gain access to the battery compartment under the rear seat. I have a 1994 540i sedan. What's the secret? Have been fighting the damn back seat for a couple of hours. I know removal...
When the air conditioning is turned on no cold air blows and only hot air comes out.
car was running pretty crappy had a local dealer look at it found oils in engine coils and on plugs. Said I need to replace all eight coils and plugs. My question is, oil in coils means leaky gasket. Could I get away ...