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fan operate normaly but no hot air out
My son was driving it when it happened so more details are sketchy
I have my check engine light on with lot of fault codes 202 02 Bank 1 Control Limit 228 02 Bank 2 Control Deviation 238 Misfire cylinder 1 240 misfire cylinder 3 243 misfire cylinder 6 227 02 Bank 1 control...
the fan and ac will not come on
can start at start up or may wait 5 or so min and runs at full speed constant
This just happened for the first time today. Even I stop the car it sounds like loud fan is still going inside. I called a mechanic & he said it is the mechatronix. However, I looked that up online & it appears that ...
Had brakes replaced in June 2011, Now getting this msg, what could be causing it?