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The left back door only open for the inside and the right back door only opens for the outside, can you please tell me what the problem is?
The mechanic said it's a starter anyone one know the average cost for a used or new stater?
When driving over 30 mph my steering wheel shakes and feels like I have a flat
when buying used BMW 530i, what to look for - I heard issues with alternator, gascat, coolant system, front control arms, seats etc., how to check all these? appreciate your input. thank you
Does the dash have to be removed to determine the cause of the problem
I've been told that there is some cable that could be disconnected somewhere under the car. If that's a possibility, can someone tell me where exactly it is located!? Thanks!
my max speed is a 100mph I need to know how to max it out in case i ever have an emergency
With AC on and accelerating conservatively, begin to hear howling at approx 1,500 rpm. Turn off AC with blower speed unchanged, the the noise stops after 2-4 seconds. When it is howling and I have distance to coast ...
The left side of the dash lights are out it is the box next to mileage. The box with the oil and water lights
I was driving through a tough rain and the water was flooding the street very fast, I was able to make it home but my car now has the transmission stuck in a high gear. I ran the code diagnostic and this is the one th...
when taking off and making the axle turn u can hear a knock noise 4rm 10-20mps then it goes away until u slow down to a stop were the knock noise returns. the noise it located in the center of the car between tha tran...
light is still on, last time this happened I had to replace the alternator
car has been making a knocking noise during take off 4rm 15-25 mph so im going to replace the u joint but want to make sure i do it correctly.
My Car is making a Strange knocking noise wen im taking 4rm 20-20miles it sounds like i have a drummer underneath my car but has i pick up speed it goes away