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My car just started making a repetitive rattling/clanking noise when I drive over 20 mph. The Mechanic thinks it is a transmission-related issue, but cannot pinpoint the cause. No error codes or dash messages appear...
How do I replace my heater control valve ?
How can I tell if my heater control valve is not working ?
My car was detailed today at a car wash and when I went to pick it up, the key would not go into ignition slot. I got a warning light with a slash through the key. After several tries, the car started, but the key wou...
Rotors were fine, clean with plenty of metal still on them. The dealer wanted $800. that is insane. How can I get the warning light to reset.
when applying brakes why do they make a grinding noise
how easy is it to replace a headlight bulb on a 2008 bmw 528xi?