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smelling gas when car starts up
if its a wiring problem what could it be.if it's the alternator how easy would that be for me to replace?Thank you.
It came on very suddenly. If acceleration is faster it seems to minimize the issue. I am noticing now it does it occasionally right as I start 2 - 5 MPH. It clearly feels like a transmission issue.
My 1995 BMW 525i needs the lifters replaced. I was told that you need a special tool to remove the lifters is this correct?. If so where can you get this tool? Any help would be appreciated. Also I need to replace the...
how do you get the drivers door handle assembly out??
there is a rod for the lock and it has come off. how do you get the door hanle out so I can re-attach the lock rod???
i just bought mt bmw 525i i drive sometimes to work but when i go back home my car stall and never start again but it cracking but it would stsrt what cause of problem do this problem please help
My neighbor backed a dump trailor into the left front corner of my BMW 525i and pushed it 16-20 inches backwards. Is there fuel shut off that would keep the car from starting?
If you lock the car from the drivers door only the passenger side rear door locks, if you lock the car from the front passengers side everything locks but the drivers door, what do i need, thanks