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I let my car sit for several monthes and the battery died. I had to get a new battery and all was great until I noticed now none of my windows will roll down and oddly the data "computer" that shows time/temp etc isn'...
has pressure up to fuel rail no fuel in the return line. it started after i removed fuel pump ran 10 min turned it off for 2 hours would not restart i checked spark ok has fuel, relays are good ,it has a vacuum thing...
If above 2200rpm or fast accelearation it dosent jerk and shifts smoothly
all electronics function. hear bendix engage but not turn. Starts always. New battery. very little klms on car. Rad was low, took 1 ltr of fluid, oil is a bit low but not enuf to add oil.
in the morning the car sounds like a jack hammer is coming from the engine.after 1 or 2 minutes it stops.
Bought car used in 2009. I was given the 5 digit radio code and it has worked before. Never had the security code. Is this something I can get from a dealer? Security Led flashes and code led is lit on the radio. Code...
When the engine is turned on the SRS light goes off but it comes back and stay on
My car cranks up when it wants to, could this be related to the oxygen sensor or three way catalytic converter because my battery good
my car produces too much exhaust smoke every time i ignite it and continues for over a mile of driving.it also leaks coolant and overheats too fast.mechanic does not seem to be able to fix it.Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i have broken key
my gearshifter won't go to drive, it just goes to reverse and park. What do you think is wrong with it?
how can i change the spark plugs for bmw 525i 1955
how do u change a rear brake senor do u need a special tool or what thank u please help