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How can I find out if my vehicle should have been recalled for a replacement HPFP, the problem started a week ago car sluggish now it has a white smoke coming out the twin exhausts codes 28f3 and 29f1
Every time we turn on the car we see the picture of a half full engine in the dashboard. Is this a problem or is there a way we can remove this?
Had oil and new front brakes done about a month ago.
Dang after i final got to the spark plugs and all, i found oil in 3 plugs, is this a valve cover gasket or o-rings. Just on the side note, i was adding oil to the car couple months back and it spilled under the engine...
Our BMW service rep. told us early in our 335's life that it is common for this vehicle to burn / use oil a quart everyu 1000 to 1500 miles . . . does that sound right to anyone ?
Where in the fuse panel is the cig lighter fuse and console power outlet fuse. Where are they located. I have no fuse box diagram
In the morning after being garaged overnight, the brakes on my 335i stick at stops for the first 6-7 miles. For example, when the light turns green and I take my foot off the brake, it acts as if the brake pedal was ...
Can anyone provide any issues that you have experienced or have heard of, with this vehicle? I've had to replace the high pressure fuel pump twice. Thank you