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What should I expect to pay
When I stop at drive mode, the car appears like it wants to accelerate. The RPM needle moves a little. Two trusted car repair shops told me they have no idea what it is. The computer is not showing any issues.
How do i get an estimate for this
Also Push/start button stats on and kills battery, what causing it not to completely shut off. Other then the misfire, I need to figure out if the computer need to be reset or is it a simple problem?
I've put fuel in but nothing. A different friend said something about the clutch and starter needing to be replaced now. I don't trust what he says. Never had a problem with either one of them before. I think it might...
Yesterday I hit the curb with my right front tire...a light has come on in my dash. It is green in color and looks like a shapely woman...does anyone know what this might be.? Thanks
changed coil pack on cyl 3 too cyl 2 failed then changed spaked plugs failed
oil and filter change done by dealer 12 months ago using Castrol systhetic oil. Since then, we have driven only 1600 miles, wondering if I should now change the oil even with such low mileage?
I even replaced the driving shifter and still has the same problem.
i tried holding down the button but it open partially i checked fuses
Suspiciouse of a negligent oil change service, since no warning indicators were displayed prior to service. Service performed due to time between services. Technition diagnoses was to replace coil 6. Coil 6 replaced a...
engines has tabbing sound but it stop sometimes what is it
my window came off track and i tried taking the door panel off. i removed the trim and got it almost all the way off but i cant seem to figure out whats holding it on still....thinking the door handle. any diy's would...
My red brake light warning came on and also the shop lift symbol lit when yhe vehicle is cranked or turned off. I took the car to the shop they replaced the brake pads and sensors but the mechanic said they re-set th...