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The car runs OK and I would like to squeeze a few more years out of it. I heard of some cheap fixes that an auto repair shop can do to pass the test. Would anyone know what do do, and where to have it done? I live ...
top hose of rad real hot,fan turning fine,steam from rear right of motor for awhile
I need to access the aux. fan fuse. I have remove the screws but cant get the panel free.
I removed all the required bolts etc and the breather hose. I tried to pry the cover off near the breather hose as instructed but the cover still wouldn't come off?? Please help, thank you!
If anyone has one they are selling please let me know!
drives great but the driver's side have a knock when running over bumps - is this a problem? anything I can do to eliminate the noise?
where is the a/c expansion valve located?
where is the a/c expansion valve located on a 1998 BMW 328i?