BMW 325i won't start on 2002 BMW 325i

When I turn the key everything powers up like it's about to turn on but it doesn't turn over or start. Looking for advice, what it might be, how much it might cost, whether it's something I might be able to repair on my own with access to a full garage. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Did the battery went low recently, perhaps you replaced it?
The EWS and DME might need to be synchronized, which needs BMW diagnostic GT1 or Autologic. The starter could be also bad. It needs to be diagnosed properly. Too many things to guess.

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Could be a bunch of stuff, I would look into how much power your battery is putting out first. If you want to have us take a look @ it give us a call @ (877)382-0815. -Josh
I had that problem before, I eventualy replaced my BMW 325i fuel pump. It now runs fine.