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how to reset a service engine soon light on a 2005 bmw 325i?
There seems too be another leakage somewhere. I've already replaced the coolant expansion tank and the valves but I still have to put in coolant during hot weathers. The thermostat doesnt go past the half mark, so it ...
What engine coolant do I need to use?
Should I have the water pump replaced as preventive maintenance or just replace it as needed (when it breaks)?
We had a down poor this week and I noticed on the passanger side floor board that I had a puddle of standing water. Yes, the door was closed tight and the window was up. It did not have any fluids in it like radiator ...
Someone spilled water on my center console and got on the hazard switch, which caused all the turn signals not to work. It doesn't even blink on the dash. I replaced the switch but it still doesn't work. Do you hav...