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My 2005 bmw 325i is leaking gas from under right rear side... I already took it to 3 different shops and they dont seem to find the problem, the last place l took it switched a little black canister right under where ...
How can i reset the Service engine soon light without going to the dealer.
aving trouble with acceleration sometimes absolute loss of power with pedal to floor sometimes power will increase slowly with normal rpm climb sometimes the rpms will surge very high with little or no acceleration. H...
Just bought a BmW from a dealership, the car is smoking at startup. Only had for a week and just started when I parked it today and went into the post office. It's not white smoke, and has no smell at first. When driv...
The dealer is saying steering column replacement to the tune of 1300.00 this is ridiculous!
Was reset and did not come back for a couple days so far. Should I have fixed?
why is this smell of burning rubber coming thru my a/c vents. Could it be the valve cover gasket leaking?
The doorlock button and the emergency flashers do not work at all.
Water & steam leak on the upper radiator hose connection when the car starts to heat up. this just started yesterday and it happens right after car reaches three quarters on the heat gage
The existing battery in my 325i appears to have a dead cell. Where is the battery located and how do I get to it?
My trunk does not open with the key, from the inside or even the external handle. Is there a fuse or is this some other problem?
I tokk my 1995 BMW 325i to the shop to have the engine checked. Cylinder 1 is showing low compression. Oil was found to be inside the spark plug. Any ideas?