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The radio and dashboard works.
two months ago I took in for going into gear issues. dealership filled with smg fluid and fixed a leak they said. NOW it wont go into gear at all and I found a puddle on my garage floor. could this be related to them ...
But the light comes on while the car is in Drive
codes are O2 sensor Bank 1 and 2, abs brakes and communication link malfunction
The mechanic replace intake.had to take back cause all kinds of lights came on.had to be towed couldn't drive it .so,he said a piece from the intake he took off was in the intake. now I get home, it wont stay running....
mechanic said idle puly has to be repaired - after car turned on making a whistling cranking sound
That was just driving along pulling into my driveway then all of a sudden the headlights and the running lights just turned off all by itself did they blow out is it a fuse it was only the headlights not the tail ligh...
do you only use radiator fluid or is water ok?
Seems to have pressure on cap even when left overnight
we checked the fuses in the glove box and they are all working fine??
EML, DSC, and Brake Light (Amber) came on while I was driving and the car went into limp mode. Pulled over turned off the car and it was fine. Then it happened again the next day only when I drive far around 10-12 mil...
and my transmission is stuck in 3rd gear even in reverse no low end power. I tried disconecting battery and a code reader and no luck