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It has something to do with the thermostat. It says Below thermostat regulating temperature
Just had 2,600.00 worth of work done to car, had it towed in wouldn't start lost power on freeway, dropped in speed. Was told had to replace fuel pump and relay. Changed hoses, back brakes and a bushing. Had car back ...
I am now unable to attach pdf files in repair pal web site to my repairs. Before last week I was able to attach PDFs. what has happened now it says it cannot recognize the pdf that contain my receipts for repairs.
And when I put it on manual it goes back to normal
When I took the car into the shop I informed them that there was no air bag on that side. 2 hours later I picked up the car and drove home. I then noticed that they had put a sticker on the door frame that said there ...
It has a few other issues that will be costly, just wondering if I should just get rid of it without fixing it. If I put the money into it, will it be worth anything anyway?
This has happened at many gas stations and pumps. My gas gauge doesn't read full. The pump clicks to stop after a few seconds of pumping gas and gas comes pouring out of the under side of the car BEHIND the gas tank/o...
I replaced water pump, fan clutch as well. Its not ooverheating, The idel stays in the middles. I see it leaking from the bottom of car right in the middle. Pls help out with anything advice. Thanks
Window slides open 1/4" at high speed...
help please regarding whether its a possible fix without whole transmission?