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My driver side window doesn't completely go up like it used to and is now leaking. also it feels as if my door isn't closing completly. Any suggestions?
how do i bleed a clutch on my own
my car wont go into drive only goes into reverse I have a automatic
How do i find the codes for the radio and the car.
the car temperature goes up a little bit over half way, and the coolant light message keeps pooping up!!!! i can see that their is pressure on the radiator, because i can see water around the cap!!!
what does it mean when i have a brake light failure and how do i fix it
The 3 buttons, AC, Recir, and defrost work when they want to work. Was up?
I can not open my trunk.
i have a bmw 325i 1995. was driving and transmission light came on...continued driving to safe area but before we reached anywhere the car started to overheat so we decided to just pull over to the side of very busy h...
CAR WOULD NOT TURN OFF!!! The key was turning around in a circle and the engine would not turn off. Car did not have the key in the ignition and the car was still turned on. Ignition switch seemed broken!
Just got my black on black '95 convertible 5mo ago, the top does not go down. Everyone in the Denver area wants a huge amount of money to look at it! I just wanna check the fuse but can't seem to find the fuse panel. ...
1995 325i bmw convertable all power windows innop having troubles finding the electrical diagram for this vehicle where would the the fuse or relay for all the power windows be? and how many?
I have a 1995 325i that won't do anything when I turn the key.The battery is good,the lights on the dash come on, and the key in ignition chime sounds,but nothing.Oh yeah...it's a manual.I even tried to push start it.
i have a 6 cylinder 325i conv 1995 i cannot find the fuel pressure regulater it is not on the fuel rail the fuel rail only has the fuel injectors and the in and out fuel lines. traced the lines until they go under th...