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What could cause this? & how would I fix the problem
Battery fully dead aftef 2days of no operation?
I made sure the plug was on tight before refilling, driving it from bland va from winston salem, not even 2 weeks later checked the oil and it was gone, also seen were it looked to be anti freeze splattered in one spo...
I already took off the vibration damper and took out the bolts on the timing cover and removed the head and i need to take the crank shaft bolt and get the cover loosened
I mysteriously got locked out of my 94 325i. All was well a week ago the car started fine still in driveway. When we tried to unlock the door with fobs (2) they both failed to unlock any doors. It also has rendered ...
i am going to fix it myself but cant find a good draw out online to tell me where it is i need to look
My A/C fan only works on setting 4, why doesn't it work on settings 1,2,3
I had the clutch replaced ... like 2 months ago ... then the pedal went to the floor had both slave and master replaced ... just got it back and there is like NO play maybe 1/2" then it slams into gear (even though I ...
i have replaced heater core recently but heater does not work properly
My BMW 325i sat in the drive-way for a week without me started it, when I got ready to start it, it didn't start. Never had this problem. Had the car now 4months. feature: alarm system
My sunroof doesn't work. Not sure if i need new fuse's at all? Then my driver window won't go up. Maybe it feel of track how would i go about opening the door to put it back on? thanks for the help
I added 1/2 RO gal filtered water. When I have it inspected and serviced Should I have a radiator flush service added? Can I easily do this myself with a "kit"? How common is this? BTW My radiator, hoses and cooli...
I brought my 325i 1994 to a certified BMW mech to replace the radiator and a rear Bearing in the brakes. They replaced the radiator , thrmostat and housing, and brakes in rear. Then the next day , They said the batt...