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Battery was dead and I put a new battery in now the security system won't let me start the car
the gauges on my instrument panel all just went out so i dont know how much gas i have , how fast i'm going or how many miles i've gone. i don't have an owners`manual so i dont know where there might be another fuse b...
I need to replace the wiper link that hold the wiper blades in place or position
This is the first time I will change a clutch on a 1992 325I BMW and I need assistance
this will be the 3rd time and it is definetly fuel line that im replacing it with. the last time it only lasted 2 days or about 120 miles
this car don't have a stick to check
i change the heater valve and still very hot inside
i have water in my oil
My brake pad warnind indicator lamp came on. I replaced the pads and rotors as well. How do you reset the warning indicator light. Does it automatically reset itself after so many miles?
The key turns all the way and doesn't start the car and the steering lock isn't working. When turning the steering wheel, one can feel the locks rubbing
How do you make the srs light go away?
My front power windows used to go Up and Down, but now don't work at all. Trying to find if is a electrical problem but can't find the fuses or relays. Any advise please?
I was wondering why my car smells like gas inside of it, could this be a fuel filter problem? Or what could it really be?