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What is the type of Transmission Fluid for an Automatic 1990 BMW 2.5 325i?
car will start cold , idle: once i start to drive , car runs like crap,no power to be heard of please help
how much pressure should there be as valves are very loud and oil line just drips is this normal??seems there is not enouhg oil gettimg to valves
i asked a question a couple of days ago and i got no responce .i am stuck as i dont know what it could be.it all started after i hade the head done and i adjusted the valves.It sounds like the valves are in the intake...
i have been working on the valves i have adj many times still getting noise could the valves be 180 out causing this noise?The car also tries to stall but catches it self and stay runnig not smooth
i change the water pump and gasket because that is what the previous owner said it needed
at first they would come on work a little while but then stop. now they wont come on at all. I checked the fuse but they are all good.
the resistor for the fan control is bad, so all on or off, but the fan is extremely loud when all on
actually my car is a 1988 325i bmw convertable. it has sat up for about 8-12 months.it wont start. its like it doesnt have any power. we replaced the battery. when you turn the key nothing happens. just the radio ligh...
hard to shift in to gears first and second clutch is soft and sometimes i have to lift it to the up position
I am starting to have regular "warning lights" come on when no problem is found. For example, brake light and coolant will intermittently come on when I'm driving. Several times the "windshield washer fluid low" lig...