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Trunk key won't open the trunk. Called several locksmith And they said couldn't help because they don't have access to BMW codes.
Actually a 1987 325e but question/answer likely generic. ^ 6 months old battery won't charge/hold a charge; have to jump start. Battery charge voltage with engine running is 13.6 volts, Discharge current through ...
do you have to take off crank pully???
The main and fuel pump relays were replaced. Testing the fuel pump shows that it works, but in the car will not operate. Any suggestions what to do from here?
Checked relays, fuses, and changed pump in the take. Gas is not getting to the filter. I was sold another pump and cannot find it on the car. It was said to be near the filter on the the left side of the car? Car w...
when i adjusted to that spec the valves are still very loud, is there another spec???? THANK YOU
i have changed the head gasket and water pump and thermostat but still overheats is there a wat to power flush the system at home? is so is there a chemical best for this .i foung ice like crystals when i did the gask...
bubbles out of radiator and i see small air like bubbles
How many hours does a shop typically charge when replacing a starter?
my odometer and trip stoped working is that electrical?or did something come loose? where do i start to find the problem is it on the trans? or is it a fuse? or wireing problem how can i trouble shoot that problem
how do i reset my maintenance light when i change my oil back to green?
where is my blower moter for my heat and ac?
Bought a used 1988 bmw325i and it sat for awhile before I bought it. now it wont start cold after sitting overnight. Has a new battery