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Turn light burned out, when'd I changed it. Something happened. When I turn on the left turn signal the right turn signal comes on instead.
use a lot off coolant and oil don't see not leak
you can lock the door and the key doesn't work.
rear brake pads etc...458.00 alignment and engine drive belts tensioners and main drive belt idler pulley...502.....is this all reasonable.....car drives fine just put on new tires...about 850.00 does all this need ...
auto zone read me these codes P0441, P1353,P1351, p0313,p0492, p0491
How to replace the driver side mirror?
This Happened after my car got stuck in snow and i was trying to get out of it. My dad chained my car to his car to help me out.i got out of the snow but the next day it wont move but it starts.
There are two rectangular covers on the panels where rear doors would be if the car had them. How do you replace those covers and attach the springs and position the pistons in the springs? A diagram would help.
my passenger side wiper arm wont go all the way down to the cowl its up about 5 inches when in the off postion, apon inspection it seems that the arm was loose, the shaft that goes through the cowl all so moves, it is...
The electric Fan is starting not to works when the air conditioner is on. Car overheats