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i have a 320i auto bmw,when it rains the wipers won't turn off,its an'n' reg
does loss off power also happen with faulty lifters
No heat or air blowing changed the resistor, did not fix the problem
when i startmy car i'm smelling gas inside can some one give me an idea of what can cause this..and whats the fix .............
i 've got a 93 bmw 318i none of my windows are working ..can all the switches be faulty or is there something other wise thats wronrg...help.............
new thermostat and water pump. only has 200miles on these parts but recently has started to over heat. Does it need to be reburped or maybe a bad thermostat?
not sure what could be wrong with the shifter but need to know how to fix it..
where is located and how to remove the voltage regulator from a 1993 bmw 318i, please add a photo or video, I was told that is attach to the alternator but I just can't see it, also, what tool do I need. Thank you.
How do I change/top up transmission fluid?
how do I replace the alternator belt on my 93 BMW 318i? i see that I need to remove the a/c and power steering belts but i don't know how. can someone please tell me? I'm trying to save alot of money and also learn ab...
I have 1993 bmw 318i I have replaced the slave cylinder. I now cannot get any pressure on my clutch. I have tried bleeding it, by pumping the clutch, holding it down and releasing the bleeder valve on the slave cylind...
My car wont stat I have checked the battery 11.50 volts. I know that battery is not being charged by alternator but my car still wont start unless it is being jumped by another car. What could cause the lost of star...
When do I change the timing belt/chain?