bluish smoke from exhaust on startup and loss of power on acceleration on 2002 Toyota Highlander

The following occurs:
1. relatively thick cloud of bluish smoke from exhaust mostly on ignition;
2. sluggish and loss of power on acceleration;
3. engine oil must be replaced after 25 miles or so.
Car in great condition and runs perfectly, notwithstanding the above 3 issues. Currently at 85,000 miles. What do you think is the issue here?

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blue smoke means oil is being combusted in the firing chamber. If it is only on startup, the valve seals are suspect (when the engine warms they expand and oil no longer leaks into the cylinder head). If you have lack of power and are using a lot of oil, your rings are suspect. Time for a compression check and perhaps overhaul.
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All of those symptoms are consistent with an oil leak. That's serious enough to take it in to a shop for a thorough diagnosis and repair.