2002 Toyota RAV4 Q&A

2002 Toyota RAV4 Question: BLUE?

When I start my car, I see blue smoke. -
Answer 1
does it use a lot of oil? if so you could have bad valve seals or guides -
Answer 2
poss valve seal issues -
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Hi, my engine when cold emits blue smoke for 5 minutes every-time i start then it's gone and back to normal, please kindly help me how i can solve this problem. Thank you so much.
The white smoke from the exhaust is a new development. This wasn't occuring before. Started about 8 months ago and getting worse. Does this info help rule out either bad O rings or head gasket?
Is it really necessary to have the 30,000 mile blue special done to my car. I have regular oil changes done and have not had a problem. My local Toyota retailer says I need to have this done and it...