blows cold air when on 2001 Mercury Sable

replace the acttuator

by in Rocky Mount, NC on January 27, 2012
0 answers
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My car is a 2002 Mercury Sable GS, The past year every time I turn my heat on all that blows out is cold air. I have had a coolant flush, change the thermostat and the heating core and yet all it d...
I need to know why my car's AC only comes out through the defrost vents. When I turn the switch to the dash front board or floor or any other it only blows through the top defrost vents. It does bl...
drives fine for a while then starts to sputter and sometimes dies. it acts like it is not getting fuel. changed air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump. Did not help at all. even if you rev it the rpms ...
Cold air blows out of the vents when I place the knobs on any selection to receive heat(ex defrost/feet or heat to blow out on face/feet) Why I do not get any hot air but the AC works?
My heat works when I warm my car up the engine gauge goes to warm but when i start driving the gauge goes down past cold and the blows cool air?

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