Blown starter casing on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

My car would crank over but would not start. We replaced starter and and again the car cranked over but would not start. So, we towed it to Pepboys to have a diagnostic check done. They claimed the starter casing had blown due to wiring being incorrect. Would cause the casing to blow when jumping the car? Or, will the starter not start at all? Also, I requested to see the print out of the diagnostic they did on the car, (I paid $90.00) for and said they didn't have one. Should I have paid for a diagnostic or charged for removal and replace? Thank you Mary

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The phrase "the starter casing had blown due to wiring being incorrect" is strange. They must be talking about the field windings that are bolted onto the starter casing internally must have shorted out. Was the starter you installed a rebuilt starter, so many rebuilt starters from franchise high volume parts stores are pretty poor, very high return/failure rate. I would think the rebuild starter was a poor rebuild unless they can assure you the starter was incorrectly wired when it was brought into them for diagnostic work.